It’s official – We have a Crawler!

So Evan has been moving around by rolling and then army crawling for a few months now, but in the last week he has really learned how to coordinate his arms and legs to crawl.  He spent Monday and Tuesday rocking back and forth on his hands and knees and took a few practice paces, but yesterday he just took off across the livingroom and didn’t look back! At my Le Leche League meeting last night he had a blast crawling around with the other babies!  Then he showed Mommy what a thief he is by stealing a cracker from one of the other toddlers a total of THREE times!  I suppose I will have to buy him some of those right?

Today Mr. Evan fell over into a face plant at daycare and got his first bruise.  My poor little pumpkin! 



It rained pretty hard in the afternoon and he seemed to enjoy listening to the rain under the umbrella.  I guess all this mobility is wearing him out though because he was asleep in his carseat already 2 houses down from the babysitter’s house!

Our project for this weekend is:  Babyproofing!  Last night during his first crawling adventure he managed to pull stuff off the low shelf of the center island in the kitchen, find a helicopter seed to put in his mouth and taste a piece of dogfood.  Looks like he is going to keep Mommy and Daddy very busy from now on!

Since my last post he has also learned how to say “Ma Ma”, Dog (daw), Uh oh, and That (thaaa).  He had his first full out temper tantrum last weekend and cut both of his top front teeth.  Evan is a very busy guy!  As of the 1st of this month, he weighed in at 21.4 lbs.  I am not sure how long he is since he doesn’t want to stay still, but he has defititely gotten taller since he is now able to put his toes in his mouth to chew on.  I’ll have to try to get a picture of that.

I hate grass Mommy...its prickly!

I hate grass Mommy...its prickly!

Evan still loves his swing...even though he is almost too big!

Evan still loves his swing...even though he is almost too big!

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