Babyproofing – an update!

Well…Mr. Evan is all over the place now. It is very hard to keep this boy from crawling around in every room of the house! We succeeded in getting the outlet covers in, rearranging shelves to get any non-safe items out of baby’s reach and installing a few baby gates, but have yet to get the cupboard latches on. Still waiting for Paul to get around to installing those. So far Evan hasn’t figured the cabinet yet, but I know it is coming! His biggest fascination seems to be the bathroom, for some reason. If we forget to close the door, he is in there in a flash, banging on the metal garbage can.

Does anyone know a cheap place to get the type of baby gates that you install on the door jams permanently that tuck away…kinda like a window shade? We have some larger than normal doorways in our house and the regular baby gate just doesn’t fit right. Evan has already managed to push it out of his way once to get through to the bathroom. When I checked at BRU they are super expensive…could definitely use some tips/ideas!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads! Enjoy your day.

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