First Steps and Walking

So Evan has been practicing walking lately with Paul and me likes its his job.  He loves to be walked around the house and asks for it all the time.  He has been getting more brave every day and standing up all over the place.  He took a few steps on his own last week and today he actually walked from one couch to the other…about 6 steps, without falling.  Unfortunately, I was not home to witness it myself!  Thanks Evan!  A friend of mine and her 9 year old son were watching him for me for about an hour while I was at Physical Therapy and that’s when Evan decides to walk…figures.  LOL.  It won’t be long now and he will be RUNNING all over the place.

So you are probably wondering…physical therapy for what?  For those that don’t know, I had knee surgery last week (9/16/09) to clean up the arthritis on my kneecap and fix a torn meniscus.  This knee has been bothering me for the past 13 years or so and I just never got around to getting it taken care of.  At the beginning of this year the pain finally became unbearable and it started to buckle under me and lock up after sitting for awhile or sleeping.  So I finally decided to get it fixed.  I have to do PT for about 4 weeks and it should allow me to become more active with less pain. 

Another one of Evan’s favorite things to do lately is climb on the shelf under our center island.  Its his favorite play spot.  He has totally claimed it and we have had to remove nearly everything from the shelf since he just knocks it off anyhow.  He climbs up and down this “step” on the shelf for up to an hour…makes doing chores in the kitchen easier though since its safe and he stays in one place!

This summer Evan had a wonderful time visiting with his Great Grandma Maria.  Below is a picture of them together on her last day here before going back to Florida for the winter.  They share a special bond since Evan decided to be born a month early and arrived on the day before Great Grandma’s birthday.  I am so glad they got a chance to spend so much time together this summer.

One of Evan’s favorite foods this summer was corn on the cob.  Below is a great picture his Grandma Carol took of him at camp eating corn and showing us just how big his mouth is!  Evan also went on his first boat ride on Labor Day weekend and he loved it!  He found it to be so relaxing that he fell asleep on the ride back into the dock.

The last picture is one of Evan playing with one of his favorite toys…the ball popper!  I got this toy from craigslist and he just loves to watch the balls go through the tubes and come out the top.  He constantly grabs the balls and tries to put them back in the tube they are popping out from.

And now, for the pictures:

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3 Responses to First Steps and Walking

  1. Sam says:

    oh Jeanna, he’s precious!

    Thanks for the update. Your little man is getting so big! I love the pictures. My nephews had one of those ball popper things and they loved it too. hehehe

    And that corn on the cob pic is too much. 🙂

  2. Annie says:

    What a cutie pie!!! Our boys are so close in age, and pretty soon the preemie thing won’t be such a big factor. Glad to see Evan is walking, gives me hope!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hey – my friend doesn’t have an etsy store, but tons of people sell them there! Just search bear hat (monkey ones are cute, and could pass for a boy!)

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