Still learning to walk!

So Evan isn’t totally walking yet, but he is definitely improving his skills. We got this cute video earlier this week. His favorite song is playing in the background – “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” He loves to dance whenever he hears this song play.

In other news, Evan had fun playing with his cousin Ryan today when my sister came up for a visit. Ryan is 4 months older than Evan and is so much fun! The boys played on the playground, went down the slide and took a bath together today. It is so much fun seeing Ryan because I am always amazed by how much development Ryan has made in just the 4 months difference between them. I always leave thinking…”Wow…the fun has just begun!” For instance, Evan is starting to say more words and learn what objects are, but Ryan has such an AMAZING vocabulary already. He was naming nearly everything he played with today and other items in his storybooks. His favorite was, of course, trucks, cars and choo choos.

Right before we left my parents house tonight Evan showed us a new trick he picked up somewhere – blowing kisses! I will have to try to capture it on video because it is adorable. He also likes to give people “zerburts” or “raspberries,” which is loads of fun.

So…without further delay…here is the video of Evan walking!

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One Response to Still learning to walk!

  1. Sam says:

    awwww I love it! He is cute as a button! 🙂

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