Developmental Explosion!

Evan is learning so much lately. He amazes me on a daily basis! Some of his favorite words and phrases right now are:

Hockey Guys – the boy loves watching hockey with his Grandma!
Oh Boy! – Paul says this a lot!
Halloween – Sounds like “How-ween”
Nite Nite – says this as he heads for the staircase when he wants to go to sleep. Yes, he puts himself to bed!

Grandma Sue also recently taught him about Elephants and the sound they make and now he LOVES elephants and spots them everywhere we go. In addition, whenever he sees a picture of his Grandma or goes to visit her, he make the elephant noise. He know which books have pictures of elephants both at Grandma’s house and at home and will pick them out from the bookshelf when you ask him.

Last night he got ahold of my spare car keys and was walking around the house saying “Vroom Vroom” and then trying to reach the doorknob on the front door in order to unlock the door. This went on for awhile until he accidentally set off my car alarm with the remote starter. At that point he just looked at the keys in awe…trying to figure out just how he managed to do that. LOL

When he wants a drink, he goes to the dish drying rack where his clean sippy cups are and points to them, when he’s hungry he goes over to his high chair and when he wants to go outside he goes to the front door. He is absorbing everything around him like a sponge and what a fun time it is. I am so proud of my little man!

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