Christmas, Milestones and Pictures!!

We had a wonderful Christmas…it all went by so fast! Evan enjoyed visiting with his cousins the most and looking at all the “pretty” decorations. He was sad to see the Christmas tree come down, although doing so gave us more space to put all his new toys!

He is now putting together some short sentences – “Where is binky?” “Daddy, read!” “Pick me up!” “Daddy go bye bye.” Every day I look forward to seeing all the new words he has learned! He’s quickly becoming a little parrot.

One of the presents he got for Christmas from Santa was a potty chair and he already knows what it is – and kinda what it is for. He runs in the bathroom and says “Pee pee in potty!” Then he proceeds to put the seat up on the seat, turn around and sit down on it. Such a smart little man for 18 mos!

Now…for some pictures!

Puzzles with cousin Ryan

Ummmm...I wasn't doing anything Mom!

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