Down 23.5 lbs and a conversation with Evan

So as of Tuesday, I have lost 23.5 lbs since January 26th. I find this so incredibly amazing!

If you are struggling with your weight, I HIGHLY recommend giving Weight Watchers a try. The great thing about this program is that you can eat anything you want, its just about learning to eat in proper portions and being aware of what you are eating. There are so many small substitutions that can be made, that are delicious BTW, to make our favorite meals just a little bit healthier. The problem today is that our American society has SUPER sized everything and most of us were raised learning to “clear our plates” and we feel obligated to do so. However, we are now clearing plates that have 3 and sometimes 4 times the amount of food that we should really be eating on them! So here’s a tip if you like to eat out: When your food is served, immediately ask for a takeout box and put half of your meal in the box. This way, you can enjoy your food and clear your plate, and as a bonus, you have another meal for tomorrow’s lunch! It’s a win win. You don’t overeat and you don’t waste. You feel good about clearing your plate, but you aren’t consuming food that will be instantly turned into fat storage since its more than your body needs. It seems so simple, but we have all fallen victim to society’s new “norms.” Ok…getting off my soapbox now…lol.

Bottom line is, when you become more aware of what you are eating and how much and listen to your body’s hunger singles, you will find that you will start losing weight and feeling healthier too. One of the other side effects I have noticed since changing what I eat, is that I have SOOO much more energy throughout the day! I am so much more productive now! I am starting to feel happy and proud of who I am again and how I am starting to look. It will take time, as all things worth doing do, but I will reach my goal and I will NEVER go back to where I came from or the bad habits that got me where I was. Ok…this time I am really getting off the box. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, for the funny conversation I had with Evan the other night:

Evan – pointing to TV: “Turn on!”

Me: “What do you want to watch?”

Evan: “Hockey guys!”

Me – looking at clock (6:40pm): “I don’t think hockey is on yet.”

Evan – Throws Tantrum

Me: “Ok, let me check.” (found a pre-game hockey show)

Evan – smiling and dancing around: “Hockey guys! Hockey guys!” then turns to me and says “Hockey IS on Mommy!”

I cracked up laughing so hard!!! I guess he told me!

And by the way…I was smart enough to DVR a game so that he can watch it during the off season or at times when games aren’t on TV…lol

Looks like I may have the title “Hockey Mom” in my future.

1st Hockey game with Daddy

Sitting with Grandpa during the game

Sitting with Mommy...wearing Grandpa's hat

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2 Responses to Down 23.5 lbs and a conversation with Evan

  1. Sam says:

    HUGE congrats on the weight loss, that is awesome!

    And Evan is too cute with his ‘hockey guys’. You’ve got him learned up right. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Amanda says:

    Well, I have to say I have been on the Weight Watchers myself and you are so right it works as long as you stick to the healthy eating. Its not a diet its a change in life. Congrats and you can see the difference Jenna I am so proud of you girl keep up the good work.

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