My smart and funny boy

A few days ago, Evan and I were watching TV together. He was sitting in my lap and I was watching one of my programs and he kept repeating “I watch Boos Koos (Blues Clues)”, which I was purposely ignoring since we’d already watched several episodes that evening…lol. All of a sudden, he gently grabbed my chin and turned my face to look at him and said, “Mommy! Listen! I watch Boos Koos Mommy?” To which I laughed, gave him a huge hug and said, “OK buddy, we can watch more Boos Koos.” lol

Then, this morning, he grabbed a package of fruit snacks out of the box and asked Paul, “Daddy, more fruit snacks? Open?” Paul told him no, not till after breakfast. He started to cry and have a fit, so Paul walked away. Then, Evan grabbed the OTHER box of fruit snacks and brought them to me in the office and said, “Mommy, more fruit snacks pweese?” To which I said “NO, Daddy told you no.” as well. So…there it is…my boy is old enough to try to pit his parents against each other…lol…we are in trouble now!

Here are some pictures!

Yummy food from our BBQ day last Sat

Waching the airplanes with cousin Ryan

Being cute with Ryan

Jumping in the bouncy house

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