I’m such a bad blogger…lol

I’m still here…I promise!

Evan’s birthday party went great, I’ll try to post pictures soon.

Our next challenge is officially potty training. Evan put two little beans in the potty tonight, but then had two pee pee accidents. He’ll get it though, he’s such a bright boy. The second time he had a tinkle accident he immediately grabbed the towel I had used to clean up his first accident and put it over the pee and started stepping on it. Later he was role playing with his teddy bear and he took teddy to go poopy on the potty. 🙂

Anyone have any words of advice?

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One Response to I’m such a bad blogger…lol

  1. Amanda says:

    He will get it when he is ready don’t push it or you will get stressed out. I was so stressed with Giana. He will show you when he is ready by going to the bathroom and showing you that he wants to go. He will pull off a wet diper and want to sit on the pot after he has gone already or try to run to the bathroom or even start to hold himself.

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