Patience and such…

This is a word that I struggle with in many aspects of my life, but now Potty Training is challenging my skill of patience. Sometimes its so frustrating staying positive when they just aren’t getting it! Today my patience was wearing a bit thin, so we are taking a PTing break for my

On the weight loss front, I’m down about 38 lbs, but have been losing slower again. With the hot weather lately, I have been less inclined to go walking. I really enjoy swimming in my pool and its great exercise, but I don’t get to do it very often since I don’t have anyone else to watch Evan while I swim during the week and he only likes to go in the pool for about 10 minutes. When I try to swim at night after he goes to bed, the mosquitos have been SOOO awful that I don’t last more than 5 minutes. It’s so frustrating!

I have a few new workouts on the Wii, On Demand and Netflix Watch Instantly that I want to try, but so far I haven’t found the motivation. Part of the struggle with that is having very little space to work out since my living room is so narrow and full of toys…lol. *Sigh* Alas, it comes down to just DOING it and stopping the excuses…I know, I know.

So what activites does everyone else like to do to stay fit?

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2 Responses to Patience and such…

  1. Nicole says:

    Congrats on the weight loss!!

    I try to go for a two mile walk at least 4x a week with Charlie in his stroller. A mile through we stop at a playground so he doesn’t get too antsy. I let him play for a while and he can usually last in his stroller for the remainder of the walk. When Andy comes with us I bring my 2 lb weights and work my arms at the same time.

    When I have the energy I do The Shred or one of Jillian Michaels other workouts. That doesn’t happen often though, lol. When I was doing The Shred daily I lost a lot of inches.

  2. Amanda says:

    I have to agree I was walking about 2 to 3 miles a day and bring lots of water. Toss it in the stroller and go. put your music in your ears that will make it easier too. You will get back into a routine don’t worry about it.

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