40 lbs gone and Evan’s 2 year old Stats

Ok…40 lbs gone so far this year!! Yay! I’ve been losing slower this summer, but still losing weight none-the-less. My goal is to lose at least 50 by the end of the year, if not more. My long term goal is to reach my ideal weight by next summer. I know I can do it!

Evan update…so he had his 2 year appointment last night and he’s doing great! He grew 2 1/2 inches this year and put on 2 lbs. With this he has finally moved from the 10th percentile for height to the 25th percentile and moved from the 25th for weight to the 50th range. 🙂 He’s still little, but not as little!

The doctor was very impressed with his speech levels. She said is very advanced for his age…at this point they are looking for him to know 20 words and Evan makes full sentences and has a HUGE vocabulary and comprehension. He is also doing great with his fine and gross motor skills. He didn’t care for the blood draw or the shot, but was otherwise quite cooperative.

Silly scared face!

Playing the drums

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