Potty training update

I am happy to report that Evan is nearly 99 % potty trained when it comes to #1. He consistently tells us when he has to go and successfully “makes bubbles” on the potty. #2 is still a work in progress. I think he has performance anxiety or maybe he’s just impatient like his Mother…lol Either way, we are still working on that aspect. Surprisingly, he’s been great at putting #2 in the potty at daycare.

The good news is we are saving a bunch of money not buying diapers anymore. The bad news is I’m spending a good amount of time doing more laundry and washing floors…lol

I’m so proud of my boy for doing so well with learning the potty when he’s only 26 months old. I think it’s pretty impressive!

PS – I’m sorry I haven’t posted any pictures lately. I’ve really been slacking. I’ll try to get some this weekend and post next week.

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