That was a close call!

Evan had wandered into the kitchen after his bath wearing his Buzz Lightyear hooded towel when I heard “Soap! I play with soap!” Well, I thought he was in the bathroom since he’s always playing with this green star shaped glycerin soap. So I asked him to come into the living room to show me and what does he come in with?

A bottle of Clorox bleach water in a bottle that he had spilled down the front of his towel. OMG!!

Luckily, he didn’t get any near his mouth or hands and the towel absorbed what he had managed to spill. It seems that at some point last night or today we must have moved the spray bottle to the edge of the kitchen sink and Evan is now tall enough to reach things on our counters.

Looks like we’ll be spending the night re-toddler proofing!! Oh, and poor Buzz Lightyear towel is now very discolored…lol.

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