Fall Fun

We had a wonderful time this weekend celebrating the arrival of Fall. Friday night Evan, his Grandma Sue and I went to the pumpkin farm to find some orange treasures. Evan LOVES this time of year so much, especially the pumpkins! He picked some nice ones out.

Saturday he spent the night at Grandma Donna’s house and had a great time playing with his 7 month old cousin, Khloe. He is so sweet and gentle with babies. It’s cute. When we picked him up on Sunday he told me that she was funny. lol

Sunday after we picked Evan up from Grandma’s house we took him to an apple orchard in Mexico, NY. He loved helping us pick the apples, wandered around the pumpkin patch and found his way through the corn maze. It was such a beautiful day and we enjoyed it as a family.

Here’s some pictures:

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One Response to Fall Fun

  1. Nicole says:

    Fun! I was there Sunday, too! We probably just missed eachother!

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