So the original plan was for Evan to go out trick-or-treating dressed as Cookie Monster, however, when we tried the costume on him, he HATED it!

Really Mom?

I feel stupid...

During dinner he asked to be a “hockey guy” and all this week he’s been “playing” hockey around the house, so we decided to go with it. We had bought Evan a Crunch jersey last year but its a Youth small and we knew it wouldn’t fit him for a few years, but since it was 35 degrees out last night, we put it on him over his winter coat. We had to roll the sleeves halfway up, but it was workable. Add his bike helmet and some warm mittens and he was ready to go! He loved it!

This is more like me!

Making the rounds with Daddy

We had planned on only taking him to a few of the neighbors houses, but he was enjoying it so much that we ended up doing half of our street! When we got home, he had a full bucket of candy and was ready to hand out treats to the rest of the kids.

This was the best Halloween with Evan yet!

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