A low key day

I love me a lazy Saturday.

Paul went hunting early this morning so it was just me and the Ev-ster today. He snuggled with me in bed this morning while we watched cartoons. Then we got up and had french toast for breakfast. We played all morning and then made venison sloppy joes for lunch.

He took a short nap that allowed me the time to pick up the disaster house and do some dishes. After nap time we hung out and watched some DVRed shows before having dinner of Bourbon Chicken, baked beans and pineapple (cleaning out the cupboards). Later in the evening, we made cupcakes together and enjoyed with some chocolate milk.

What a wonderful day! Tomorrow will be low key too…church, grocery shopping and more playtime/cleaning.

This is what love is!

Our Halloween pumpkins this year. We had to replace 3 we’d carved earlier in the month because they rotted with all the warm weather. I think these turned out very nice!

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One Response to A low key day

  1. candice says:

    Visiting from the Bump. Thanks for the heads up on your blog.

    I have a boy too, so I know how clumsy and accident prone they can be. 😉

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