My rough and tumble boy!

This has been an interesting week for Mr. Evan. He has so much energy and just loves to play that he’s often not cautious in the least. In the first three days of this week, he proved that to us but he also proved how tough he is!

Monday: Running at daycare and plows into the dining room table and bites his lip so hard it bleeds. A few minutes later, he’s back at it again like nothing happened.

Tuesday: He’s being silly while eating ice cream at a friend’s house and loses his balance, falling and bumping his cheek on their coffee table. Seconds later his mouth is bleeding. Turns out he bit his cheek so hard it bled. We got him an ice pack and less than a minute later he announces, “OK, All done crying.” He hands me back the ice pack and returns to being silly again and eating ice cream. Impressive how resilient he is!

Wednesday: He’s playing on the couch and falls off the arm of the couch and lands on a pile of toys. I run over to see if he’s OK and when he calms down enough to speak again, what’s he worried about? The piece of chocolate that fell out of his mouth. LOL I cracked up laughing. This kid is a TANK!!!

Today – I do believe was his first accident free day. Let’s see what tomorrow holds for him.

I think it’s such a great thing that he’s so tough, since the boy is obsessed with hockey and wants to be a “hockey guy” when he gets bigger. He’ll need that toughness for that sport!

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