Twenty a plenty!!

Yay for Evan! A quick inspection of his teeth after bath time tonight confirmed that he is finally done with the teething phase! He has broken through the last of his 20 baby teeth. What a great milestone! Now he can enjoy the next 4.5 years without teeth pain (hopefully)!

After bath time I was flipping through the channels checking to see if there was any good hockey games on. I turned on the NJ Devils game and Evan got so excited! He started jumping around chanting “Hockey guys! Hockey guys!” Then he turned to me and saw me holding the remote and said, “Put it down! Put it down, Mom!” lol He was afraid I would turn his hockey game off. I so love this kid!!

In pregnancy news, all is going well and mostly uneventful. I still have the occasional nausea, but for the most part, the 1st trimester blues have passed. Evan knows now that there is a “baby in Mommy’s tummy.” He calls it “baby sister,” let’s hope he’s right! We’ll know in 3 more weeks! I enjoy the quiet time after Evan goes to bed when I can relax and feel the flutters, flips and kicks that began last week. 🙂

Now, some pictures of Evan playing in the leaves with Daddy:

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