16 Weeks

I went for my 16 week checkup today. After waiting more than an hour for my 10 minute appointment, I was happy to hear baby #2’s strong heartbeat and movement. He/She kept moving away from the Doppler, making it challenging for the midwife to get a heartbeat reading. When she did, it was in the 140’s. If you go by the old wives tale, this could mean the baby is a boy, but we’ll know for sure in 2 weeks at the anatomy scan. That is assuming the baby wants to cooperate for us. lol

I am so anxious to find out the gender so I can start choosing names. It’s no secret that I would love a daughter, but I’m so hesitant to even start thinking of names for a girl until I know for sure. Call me superstitious…lol Any of my faithful readers have any name suggestions?

Oh, and I was pleased to find out that I’ve only gained 8 lbs so far this pregnancy, however, it’s probably not good that I gained 5 of them over the past 4 weeks. Oops! That’s what happens I suppose when the nausea subsides and it coincides with the Holiday season.

Happy Chanukah to any of my Jewish friends/readers.

Here’s a cute photo of my little man and his “freeze face” trademark expression. Thanks H. Moran Photography for the amazing photo!

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One Response to 16 Weeks

  1. candice says:

    Isn’t it hard to plan ANYTHING without knowing the gender? I’ll know next week, and then the ball will be rolling on pretty much everything. Until then, I’ll continue to live in my limbo. 😉

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