A trip to Urgent Care

Yesterday Evan stayed with my father for the day since Paul worked too late to watch him and he is still too sick to return to daycare. When I got to my parent’s house at 4:30 to pick Evan up, he was sleeping with Grandpa in the recliner and had been for most of the day. My dad told me that he had not eaten anything or drank much more than half a cup of milk and had been extremely lethargic all day and he was really concerned. By this point, Evan had not eaten anything of significance since Saturday and was really only drinking milk. The sores in his mouth from the coxsackie virus (hand/foot/mouth disease) were so bad that his gums were inflamed to the point that you couldn’t see half of his teeth. His breathe was extremely foul and he screamed whenever we tried to remove his Binky and administer any kind of pain medicine.

At this point, I decided it was time for a trip to the Urgent Care center, as I’d never seen a case of coxsackie’s this severe. I had read online that when the sores are this bad and the illness has run this long, it’s classified as viral meningitis. Phenomenal. I keep having these scary visions of all the terrible things that could happen to Evan from being so sick.

So we arrived at Urgent Care around 6 pm and were in and seen pretty quickly. The doctor looked at his mouth, listened to his breathing, checked his ears, pulse and temperature (102.1 F). He agreed that it was likely just a severe case of coxsackie virus and told us that it’s not unusual to see it only present in the mouth and not be on the hands/feet. He told us that since it’s viral, there’s really not much they can do to make it heal any faster, we had to wait it out to run it’s course, however, they did have a “miracle mouthwash” they could prescribe that would numb his mouth to allow him to eat. We were excited to hear that! We waited another 40 min for the nurse to come back with the script, during which time Evan was NOT being patient at all and the room we were in was about 85 degrees! We were all very relieved when the nurse finally came back and told us we could go…Evan was having meltdowns!

The doctor confirmed this case would be considered viral meningitis, but also noted that the care plan isn’t any different than what we’ve been doing. It’s just important to be sure he doesn’t get dehydrated or run a super high fever.

So we took him home and gave him the first dose of the medicine and put him to bed. It was a rough night, as he kept waking up with night terrors, drenched in sweat. I fell asleep praying and crying that he would start to get better. I was so scared! This morning however, he seemed to be feeling much better. His sores had reduced and he wanted milk, juice, yogurt and even ate some eggs.

Let’s just hope this is the most scary thing we ever have to deal with and that he continues to heal well over the next few days.

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