Smiles, eating and playing again!

So glad to report that Evan is on the mend! The miracle mouthwash, combined with the timing of the virus running it’s course has seen my little man feeling much better. What an intense relief!

It started yesterday when he wanted to eat yogurt and drink lots of milk. Later he ate some cold, scrambled eggs. Today he devoured more yogurt, oatmeal and more eggs. Hooray for small victories!

I have to say that yesterday he broke my heart when he pointed to his mouth and said to me, “All done hurting, Mommy?” And today when he drank some juice, he turned to me and asked for his medicine. This “miracle mouthwash” is definitely that! 2 days ago we had to pin him down to give him medicine!

I’m so glad that oral sores heal more quickly than most cuts. The past 2 days have shown vast improvement in his mouth, although it will likely be a few more days before they are 100% gone.

In other news, only 5 days till my anatomy scan. Praying and hoping that this baby is totally healthy and normal. Oh, and if baby cooperates, we’ll know the gender too. I’m thinking pink, Paul’s thinking blue again. One of us is likely to be right!

Oh, and I got a nice compliment yesterday at my chiropractor’s office. He actually asked me if I had LOST weight during this pregnancy! I’m hoping that since I haven’t truly “popped” yet with this pregnancy that it could mean the baby is smaller and therefor a girl. Here’s to hoping! Don’t get me wrong though, another boy would be a joy, but I’ve always dreamed of having a daughter and this may be our last child.

Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here! Oh, and it finally stopped snowing in Syracuse for more than an hour at a time! 43 some inches later!

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