Sick again :(

We had a wonderful Christmas. I’m hoping to get some pictures loaded tonight. It was so nice to see my siblings and their families, along with all the other family we visited this weekend. It is so rare to see everyone in one weekend.

The only downside is that Evan picked up some sort of virus from his cousin during the visit. He was up last night with a fever, gas and vomiting. Needless to say it was a restless night for me.

Luckily, Evan is handling this illness well and we are managing it with our favorite friends, Motrin and Tylenol. He’s napping now and I’m hoping this will be a short lived virus, like his cousins (only lasted 2 days.) It’s also a Blessing that I am on vacation this week, so I don’t have to stress about leaving him with someone else when he just wants his Mommy.

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