24 weeks checkup

I had my 24 week checkup on Thursday and finally had a chance to meet with the high risk OB. I asked her what the plan was going to be this time around now that we are aware that I have a unicornuate uterus.

As most of you know, Evan was born at 35 weeks after my water broke unexpectedly.  It wasn’t until my C-section that we learned I had a misshapen uterus. Weeks later, after several tests, we learned that I was born with only the right side of my uterus.

Anyhow, she said this time around the plan is that I will start going for weekly checkups starting at 30 weeks and have extra sonograms to monitor the baby’s growth to space ratio. We are hoping that with these more frequent checks, we’ll be able to more closely predict when she is getting close to running out of room in there. We will also consider when/if it will be necessary for me to go on any type of bed rest or other limitations to extend the pregnancy as long as possible. Ultimately, if I can carry until 39 weeks, we will have a scheduled C-section at that point. Otherwise, we’ll plan on having a C-section when my water breaks and she’s run out of room.

One other thing I learned, that I was a bit disappointed about, is that the OB who delivered Evan has decided to no longer practice obstetrics and wants to just focus on the gynecological side, which is great for him but a bit disappointing for me, as I thought he would be the one to deliver this baby too. Don’t get me wrong, I love the OB I saw this week, she’s amazing and I’m lucky she’ll be delivering Liana, but I’m sad that my other doctor won’t be involved.

My doctor also told me that it seemed like right now my uterus was measuring farther along than the 25 weeks I’m at now. As we know my due date is not wrong (May 15th), this likely just means that my uterus is stretching more than last time. I told her that I’m even feeling more movement on the left side than I did last time around. Not all the over on the left, but a few inches to the left of my belly button, whereas with Evan, I never felt ANYTHING on my left side. So it’s pretty cool this time around. Once I was done with my exam, I got to go in for another sonogram so they could get a few additional views of the little lady’s spine, umbilical cord and my cervix. Everything looked perfect! She was moving all over the place and was positively POSING for the camera! Here’s the picture we got to bring home of her.

She has her little hand right in front of her nose and the other tucked behind her head.

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One Response to 24 weeks checkup

  1. PeacockWings says:

    I’m glad little Liana is doing well 😀 and that its a little bit different then when you had Even.

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