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Dogs really do live in the moment

So life in our house with one dog is definitely different. It’s quieter since Beau was our more vocal dog. He was always the one to tell us when they needed to go out, eat or wanted attention. Cierra just … Continue reading

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We have a scheduled delivery date!

May 10th. That is the goal. If we make it to that date, I will be 39 1/2 weeks along. Any bets on if Liana will decide to “cook” for that long?

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An Update

A lot has happened over the last several weeks: *Our daycare provider informed us that she won’t be going group in order to have room for my daughter in July when I returned to work from maternity leave. This was … Continue reading

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Rockin’ and a Rollin’

This little lady is a mover!  She is constantly doing flips, kicks, stretches and elbow jabs.  In the last week I’ve finally seen my belly move from her kicks! That’s something I never experienced in my pregnancy with Evan. This … Continue reading

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