Rockin’ and a Rollin’

This little lady is a mover!  She is constantly doing flips, kicks, stretches and elbow jabs.  In the last week I’ve finally seen my belly move from her kicks! That’s something I never experienced in my pregnancy with Evan.

This week both Evan and Paul were able to feel her moving around.  Evan got so excited.  “Baby sister kicking!  She coming out Mommy?”  He knows her name now and if you ask him what she’s doing he says, “Growing, swimming, and kicking in Mommy’s tummy!”  It is so precious.

Tomorrow morning I am going in for my glucose test.  Not real excited about it.  With Evan, I failed the 1 hour and had to sit through the 3 hour test.  This is about as boring as it gets!  I’m really hoping to avoid that this time around.

If you aren’t familiar about it, basically it involves fasting from midnight tonight, waking up and drinking this glucose solution really quickly and then going into the lab to get my blood sugar levels tested an hour after I drink the stuff.  Then, based on the reading they get, they will determine if I “pass” or “fail.”  This test is supposed to be an indicator of whether or not I have gestational diabetes in this pregnancy.  If I fail this one, I have to go and sit in the lab for 3 hours and get my blood levels tested every hour to see how my body processes the sugar.  Please pray that I pass this first test so I don’t have to miss a half day of work in a lab.

So as long as I’m asking for prayer requests, please pray that Paul gets one of the daytime job opportunities he posted for at Coke.  We could really use this change for our family.

Evan hamming it up for the camera!

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