We are binky free!!

Thursday afternoon Evan insisted on bringing his binky downstairs, even though he knows the rule was that he could only use it for sleepy time.  I asked him to go put it back up in his room and he told me “no.”  So I gave him the option of putting it in the garbage.  To my surprise – he did just that!  Later that night at bed time, he asked for it and I reminded him that he had thrown it out because he is a “Big Boy” now.  He whined a little, but then said, “OK” and went to sleep.  The next night he asked for it again but accepted our “No, you are a big boy now” response and went to sleep.  The next 2 nights, he hasn’t even asked for it.  That’s the good news!!

The bad news is that now that  he doesn’t have the comfort of the binky, he stays up longer playing, talking, and stalling bedtime!  I’m hoping that this is just part of his adjustment phase.  Anyone have experience with this that can give me some feedback?

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