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37 weeks, 2 days

I’m still here and still pregnant.  Sadly, I’m also still sick.  I’ve been feeling very huge, exhausted, and uncomfortable.    I’ve had some Braxton Hicks almost every other day and am now having hot flashes nearly every afternoon.  During the day … Continue reading

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So the doctor’s visit yesterday revealed that my bronchitis from a few weeks ago never went away with the original antibiotics and had developed into a sinus and ear infection.  They prescribed Augmentin, so let’s see if this makes a … Continue reading

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Sick, Sick, McSicky

I just can’t seem to get healthy!  I started getting sick Sunday, April 3rd and have yet to get better since!  First it seemed like just a bad chest cold, but then it turned into some nasty bronchitis.  So I … Continue reading

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My trip to Labor and Delivery

Friday night Evan and I went to dinner with my parents like we usually do.  We met them over at the Ironwood Golf Course and I had some delicious Prime Rib dinner.  After we got back to my parents house, … Continue reading

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35 weeks, 2 days…and still pregnant!!

This is a new record for me!  This leaves me wondering and waiting…when will she arrive? I’m ready!  Big brother is ready!  Not quite sure if Paul is really ready…lol

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34 weeks and now I’m sick!!

Sono went great. Discovered that Liana had flipped over again and was now presenting breach. Not a problem or concern since I’m going to have another C-section. She weighs about 6 lbs already! I couldn’t believe it. I went to … Continue reading

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