38 week check up

Everything is still normal and on track. Baby girl is healthy and growing.  Midwife told me to call if contractions start or my water breaks.  Otherwise, she’ll see me next week for my 39 week check up the day before my scheduled c-section.  lol

We’ll see what Liana’s plan is!  I’d love to have her come sooner, rather than later but she still seems totally content in there.

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One Response to 38 week check up

  1. PeacockWings says:

    I’m so excited that you have lasted this long (even though I know that its miserable–I’m right there with you). You said a midwife, I didn’t realize you were using a midwife, I wish I would have I think. I have a giant fear of doctors so I am scared to death of this whole process, but I know in the end it will be worth it and I’ll forget all the stuff I had to go thru to get there! lol.

    I’m glad to see both you and Liana are safe and healthy!!

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