Enjoying the last days of being an only child, etc.

On Friday, Evan decided that he wasn’t going to take a nap.  He was too excited about going outside to play after nap.  By the time he got “up” from his non-nap, the neighborhood kids were no longer playing outside so he’d missed his chance.  So, we decided to go to the grocery store and BJ’s Wholesale club before heading over to my parent’s house for our weekly visit.

Here’s a picture of him saying goodbye to Daddy before Paul had to go to work:

Evan was very good in the store, as always.  He even insisted I buy him some watermelon, because it’s “his favorite.”  After we left that store (in which I saved over $21 with coupons!!) we loaded up the car to head over to BJ’s – a good 20 min drive.  Here’s how Evan spent the time:

Once we were at BJ’s, he was a bit whiny but overall pretty well behaved.  Once we got to my parent’s house, Grandpa had a surprise for Evan – a T-ball setup!  Here’s a video of him trying this out – sorry the quality is rather poor, its from my cell phone:

So even with only a 15 minute nap, Evan was up until 11 pm running on FULL BLAST energy.  I don’t know where they store it!  This morning, however, he did want to sleep in until 9 am.  lol  I guess it caught up to him a bit!

Today we decided to enjoy one of the first sunny days we’ve seen in Syracuse in 20 days by taking Evan to the playground.  He had such a good time.  He was very excited when another family showed up with a son named Evan. He thought that was pretty cool!  When it was time to go, he of course had a total meltdown – despite the fact that we were taking him to go get ice cream!!  Once we ordered the ice cream, he was pretty happy though:

When we got home from the playground we were all pretty tired, so we took a family nap.  🙂

Oh – and today, my sweetheart Paul, surprised me with my early Mother’s Day present – gorgeous roses, a sweet card and a box of chocolates.

I feel so loved!!

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2 Responses to Enjoying the last days of being an only child, etc.

  1. Great pics of Evan- he’s such a cutie.. sounds like things are going well! 🙂

    Beautiful flowers.. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, JENNA!

  2. sweetjenna says:

    Thanks Sam!

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