My trip to L&D last night…

So, another “false alarm” trip.  Went in, got hooked up to the monitors and an IV bag and the nurse checked my cervix – ZERO progress.  This was part of the same problem we had with Evan’s delivery – lack of cervical progress.  So, after consulting with the OB on call last night, they decided to just hydrate me, let me sleep in till morning rounds and decide from there if I’d made any progress.  When they checked me again at 7:30 am, still no change.  So they decided to finish all the pre-op stuff I was scheduled to come in for anyhow and discharge me for the day.

I will return to the hospital tomorrow morning at 5:30 am for my scheduled c-section with my doctor.  In the meantime, I have to just endure the “non-productive” contractions that I am having every 10 minutes.  The nurse said it’s just “irritable uterus” and its normal for this point in my pregnancy.

So for now, I will just relax the day away and count down the hours until I meet my baby girl tomorrow morning.

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