So lately I have been having a problem with Evan peeing through his Pull Ups at night.  I had thought it was because I had recently switched to the “cool alert” type and wrote a complaint letter to the manufacturer.

Well, yesterday I figured out why this has been happening.  You see, Evan wears a size 2T/3T clothing, so that’s the size Pull Up I’ve been buying for him.  I noticed that it’s getting more difficult to get the Pull Ups on him lately so I decided to check the box for the weight capacity.  Turns out their size 2T/3T has a max weight of 24 lbs and Evan currently weighs 31 lbs!

Mystery solved and now I feel dumb for assuming that the Pull Up sizing was the same as regular clothing!  So of course, I had just stocked up on Pull Ups and have an abundance of them that I can’t use now.  Anyone need some?


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