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Blogging FAIL! Update

So apparently life is busy since I never seem to find time to actually sit down in front of an actual computer outside of work anymore, hence the lack of blog posts.  Typically, by the time I get home from … Continue reading

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2 month old update (Sorry it’s late)

Liana had her 2 month check up on Monday. She weighs 12 lbs 11 oz and is 23 1/2 inches long. She’s in the 95th percentile for height/weight and has grown a whopping 3 inches in 2 months! We may … Continue reading

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Potty Success and Imagination

It has finally happened – Evan went poopy in the potty!!  Not only that, he now WANTS to go poopy in the potty and has voluntarily gone twice more by himself!!  This is such a HUGE step for him and … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July

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Introducing the bottle

In preparation of me returning to work in 18 days, we are trying to introduce the bottle to Liana.  So far, she is NOT having it!!  I think most of the problem is that I have been around most of … Continue reading

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Things are different the second time around

When I was expecting Evan he came early at 35 weeks and caught us completely by surprise. He weighed 5 lbs, 7.8 oz but was strong and ready to go right out of the gate.  I was able to carry … Continue reading

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Stay at Home Mom – for now

I’m really loving my maternity leave.  It’s so great to wake up in the morning and “choose” what I want to do for the day instead of “having” to go somewhere and work for someone else.  I could really get … Continue reading

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