Introducing the bottle

In preparation of me returning to work in 18 days, we are trying to introduce the bottle to Liana.  So far, she is NOT having it!!  I think most of the problem is that I have been around most of the times it has been offered and if she knows I’m there she does not want the artificial nipple.  She has taken a bottle a few times when I have been away, but was still holding out for me when I returned.

So far I’ve tried Dr. Browns, MAM and Nuk brands with her.  I just bought a Tommee Tippee bottle and Playtex Drop-Ins to see if either of those work.  In order to avoid the problem of me being in the room, I think I am going to take advantage of the nice weather and make Liana’s lunchtime bottle with Daddy my swim time!  If I’m not in the room, she should take the bottle better.

Anyone else have any suggestions or tips for me?

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Things are different the second time around

When I was expecting Evan he came early at 35 weeks and caught us completely by surprise. He weighed 5 lbs, 7.8 oz but was strong and ready to go right out of the gate.  I was able to carry him out of the OR back to our room and spend time with him immediately.

With Liana, I was well prepared and just sitting around waiting until 39 weeks, 2 days when she decided to arrive, right on her scheduled due date.  She weighed a whopping 8 lbs, 12.5 oz but had fluid in her lungs and spent the whole first night in special care in the nursery.  Although she was born at 12:24 am, I wasn’t able to hold her until after 9 am that following morning.  It was so different!

When we brought Evan home from the hospital, he weighed 5 lbs and was jaundiced.  We had difficulty nursing because he was so tiny and battled with Thrush and I had complications with my incision from the C-section delivery.  We mastered the nursing routine by 4 weeks old and Evan had gained 1 lb in the first month.  He then went on to gain a pound a week during his second month and was 10 lbs at his 2 month appointment.

Liana weighed 8 lbs, 7 oz when we brought her home from the hospital.  She was considerably longer than Evan at 21 inches to his 18.5 inches.  She was a very strong baby and had no problem nursing (I’m sure it helped that I knew better what I was doing this time around too!) and no jaundice.  We didn’t have Thrush this time around and I had no complications from the C-section.  By one month Liana had gained 3 lbs already and was up to 11 lbs!!  Now, at 6 weeks, I just measured her length and she’s already 23 inches long!

Because she’s growing so tall so fast, I had to move the shoulder straps on her infant car seat already.  I’m pretty sure she weighs about 12 lbs now too.  I’m looking forward to her 2 month appointment to get her actual stats, but it’s already looking like she’s going to be bigger than her brother.  We were able to keep Evan in the infant car seat until he was 8 months old, but I’m guessing we won’t make it that far with this big, little girl!

With some of the differences outlined, what can I say is the same?  Well, Liana is very laid back and mellow like her big brother.  I instantly fell in love with her just like I did with him and I’m truly enjoying having maternity leave during the summer months.  🙂

Just for fun, here is a comparison of the kids when they were both 1 month old:

Evan at 1 month old

Liana at 1 month old

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Stay at Home Mom – for now

I’m really loving my maternity leave.  It’s so great to wake up in the morning and “choose” what I want to do for the day instead of “having” to go somewhere and work for someone else.  I could really get used to this.  I just love spending one-on-one time with my daughter during the day and both kids at night.  It’s a shame that we can’t afford for me to stay home on a regular basis.  SAHM should really be a paying job!  It’s a lot of work trying to balance keeping up the household and watching the kids.  It will be even harder to balance it all when I return to work in 3 weeks.  😦

Until then, I’m going to cherish every precious minute of my freedom!!

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Father’s Day 2011

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So lately I have been having a problem with Evan peeing through his Pull Ups at night.  I had thought it was because I had recently switched to the “cool alert” type and wrote a complaint letter to the manufacturer.

Well, yesterday I figured out why this has been happening.  You see, Evan wears a size 2T/3T clothing, so that’s the size Pull Up I’ve been buying for him.  I noticed that it’s getting more difficult to get the Pull Ups on him lately so I decided to check the box for the weight capacity.  Turns out their size 2T/3T has a max weight of 24 lbs and Evan currently weighs 31 lbs!

Mystery solved and now I feel dumb for assuming that the Pull Up sizing was the same as regular clothing!  So of course, I had just stocked up on Pull Ups and have an abundance of them that I can’t use now.  Anyone need some?


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Liana turned one month old yesterday!


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Memorial Day Weekend

We gathered up the family and took our first trip to camp as a family of four, plus the dog.  It was quite the ordeal to get all packed and ready to go, but once we got up there, the relaxation was well worth it.

Evan enjoyed a lot of one on one time with his Dad and had a Blast on his first 4-wheeler ride.  He took nature walks with his Grandma and had a great time playing with all of his cousins.

We were a little nervous about bringing the dog this time, but she was amazingly well behaved and thankfully did not get sick in the car like she used to.  Liana and I didn’t get out of the camp too often because of her feeding schedule, the mosquitoes and weather, but I know as she gets bigger, we’ll be able to do more.

Overall, it was a very nice weekend spent with great family and friends.  Can’t wait to do it all over again!

Nap time!

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